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  • 博物馆展柜选择需要注意哪些细节?
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Now the design of museum display cabinet is very beautiful, but do you know that in addition to beautiful design, there are many details that we need to pay attention to, so today let's introduce the details of the selection of museum display cabinet!


   first of all, from the appearance, generally speaking, the edge sealing design of good quality Museum cabinets is very neat and firm, especially for some large manufacturers, which use modern equipment and high temperature and high pressure to seal the edges. Water and gas proof is also very good. There are only some small manufacturers that don't have such good equipment and technology. The appearance of the museum display cabinets made by them is rough and awkward. Don't believe what they say. You can't want the museum display cabinets designed by them.


   look at their waterproof: perfect and durable Museum cabinet, the most important thing is not to let water corrode in the museum cabinet for a long time. This requires a good surface closure of the museum display cabinet. We need to design reasonably, and practical is what we want.



   and their hardware: in order to keep the items in order, it is necessary to use some hardware accessories to achieve the purpose, such as the rotating plate suitable for the corner cabinet, the partition frame of the push-pull storage cabinet, etc. A good museum display cabinet is a perfect combination of hardware accessories, cabinet body and cabinet door. It can open and close freely without noise, and can withstand thousands of times of opening and closing without deformation and damage. Finally, the environmental protection of materials: the environmental protection of museum display cabinet materials is very important, mainly reflected in the board, table and edge adhesive. Salesmen have been dealing with them for a long time, and these materials should meet the requirements of environmental protection. Among them, the wood-based panel with formaldehyde emission up to standard should be selected, while the fireproof panel and artificial stone are the better choice for the countertop. Unimportant details make a perfect example. We want quality, so we have to see the details. Every good museum display cabinet is accumulated from details. A good company for making Exhibition cabinets in museums will make us blind and impeccable. Of course, we choose him.